CAT 6E Outdoor Cable

TDK KT 900+ Dual SIM GSM Corded Telephone – Black. TDK Dual SIM GSM Corded Telephone Set This Dual SIM Huawei is a GSM wireless telephone set which has the latest technology in its design. It can wirelessly connect to GSM mobile communications network directly by wireless method. The operation method of this product is just like normal wired telephone sets. It is the best choice for wireless communications. Attention in case of emergency, you can use this telephone to call. Receive and send messages with SIM card and fixed platform. Supports phonebook between backup function, GSM 9001800MHz, handle or hands-free conversations, standard TNC antenna & contains indoor antennas. Main function is high quality speech.

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    GSM standard: 850/900/1800/1900MHZ
    High-quality voice services (FR, EFR, HR speech coding)
    Support emergency call service
    Supplementary services: such as emergency calling, caller ID, call forwarding, call waiting, call hold, three-way calling
    Support short message
    Large-capacity phone book
    Secondary dial DTMF support
    User personalization volume setting
    Ringing tone sung live support
    Screen backlighting functions provided
    TNC antenna interface can be connected to indoor antenna
    Standard TNC antenna interface can be connected to indoor and outdoor antenna
    Offers a variety of security solutions, such as lock network, lock card, lock cell, interlock machine card (optional)


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